We Love Habitational Business!

When you think habitational, think Concorde... because we are thinking of you.  In addition to our long-standing relationships with multiple habitational markets, Concorde now offers an exclusive program to write some of the most hard-to-place hotels & motels. Send us your accounts! We have many options to consider.

Great Lakes Hotel/Motel Program

We created this product with our rural agents & the typical small town motels in mind. Hard-to-place accounts such as roadside motels with exterior entrances and seasonal operations are considered. We can quote package coverage up to $2 Million TIV, and can consider accounts with up to 3 losses totaling $25,000 within the last 3 years. Ready to quote? Submit your completed Acord, Concorde supplemental app & 3 years loss runs to submissions@cgains.com.

Program Overview   Supplemental Application

Additional Hotel/Motel Carriers

If your account is not a fit for our Great Lakes program due to size or eligibility, we have multiple addional carriers to quote Hotel/Motel Package, GL, Excess and Liquor coverages. Our typical account has property limits of $2-6 Million, but we have the capacity to write up to $10MM TIV and $10MM Excess. We can write:

  • Independent Ownership OR Franchises
  • Lower Occupancy Rates
  • Older Buildings
  • Buildings with Exterior Entrances
  • Locations in Secondary/Smaller Markets
  • Accounts with Prior Claims
  • Non-Sprinklered Buildings
  • Unsecured Buildings
  • Pools – No Problem!

Contact Your Underwriter


For details on what we are writing or to discuss a specific risk, contact our Commercial Excess & Surplus Lines Team.   Please send all applications, supplementals and requests to submissions@cgains.com.