Kathryn Merrill
Kathryn Merrill

Specialties: Personal Liability, Recreational Vehicles

Where I’m From:

Northern Idaho

My Education, Experience & Role at Concorde:

In 2018, I began my career in the insurance world by working in a family-owned agency. They introduced me to the life of an insurance agent while accepting me as part of their amazing team. There I learned how to use the skills from my two associate degrees in a more enhanced way, as well as I building my knowledge of P&C Insurance. Seeking adventure, and as one thing led to another, I found an opportunity to work with Concorde. Remembering all of the delightful interactions that I had with their team, it was the perfect next step for me to progress in my career! I am excited to bring the skills that I have acquired to the role of Personal Lines Underwriter, relating to our agents on a deeper level.

My Personal Interests and Hobbies:

I love spending quality time with family and friends whether we’re playing cards, enjoying a movie or sitting around a bonfire.

What on My Bucket List:

I have a passion for coffee, so one day I would love to open up my own coffee shop.