Shayna Sinton
Shayna Sinton
Senior Underwriter

Specialties: Mobile / Manufactured Homes, Dwellings

Where I’m From:

I’m originally from Choteau, Montana.


My Education and Industry Experience:

I moved to North Dakota to Study at NDSU (GO BISON!) and graduated in 2010 with a BS in Apparel and Textile Design. I came to Concorde in 2014 with a retail backgroud, and dove into Personal Lines and have earned API and AINS designations. I am now a Senior Underwriter in Personal Lines, with my primary focus being the mobile home program.


My Personal Interests and Hobbies:

Since I was an Apparel and Textile Design major, my hobbies definitely include sewing and all things crafty. I aspire to travel the world, only when I am not traveling back to Montana to visit “home.”  If a movie of my life were to be made, Melissa McCarthy would easily fill that role!


Something You May Not Know About Me:

I recently survived the 2020 7.7 earthquake in the Caribbean on a ship!