Make Quick Work of Small Contractors, Including Walk-Ins 

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We've launched an admitted peteRATER Artisan Contractor program, where you can quote & bind General Liability & Inland Marine coverages online for 30+ Classes. Program is open to all Concorde contracted agencies.

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Program Highlights

Target Accounts:

  • No Prior Claims
  • No Subcontracted work 
  • 1 or 2 person operations preferred
  • New ventures – you bet!
  • 30+ Classes
  • Yes, these are the accounts that anyone will write, but we make it faster and easier!  Let us tell you why… 

Self-Service Now:

  • All Quotes are Admitted
  • GL and Contractors Equipment Coverages Available
  • Minimum Premiums as low as $400
  • 30+ Classes Eligible, including a Remodelers endorsement
  • Ability to Select Multiple Class Codes
  • Remodeler Endorsement automatically applied to many common classes
  • Print your Certificate of Insurance immediately after binding!
  • Direct Bill with Payment Options Available - Choice of full payor EFT installments (30% down + 9 payments)
  • Digital/Electronic Policies for ease of transfer, searching and storage
  • Experienced Underwriter Support a Phone Call Away
  • Availability - Primary Business Locations in IA, MN, MT, ND, SD  

Save Time & Money Later:

  • Automated Renewal Process
  • 12% Commission (New & Renewal) 


Program Overview & Class List