Barb Rodriguez
Barb Rodriguez
Claims Administrator

Loss Notices can be
submitted directly to:
701.232.6974 (fax) 

Submitting a Claim to Concorde

I am an Agent: Please submit a completed Loss Notice to or via fax (701.232.6974).  Please call 1.800.726.1611 for assistance.

I am a Policyholder: Please contact your local insurance agent to report your claim. If you are unable to contact your local agent or do not know who the agent on your policy is, please call 1.800.726.1611 for assistance.  


Submitting a Claim Directly to Your Insurance Company

If you need to submit a claim after Concorde business hours, you may also have the option to contact the company's claims department directly. If the company your policy is with accepts claims directly, the claims contact information will be noted in the company's profile on our Carriers Page

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